The Firm inherits the legacy of Federico Squassi who has been the invaluable mentor of all the lawyers who have had the opportunity to grow under his guidance and of the lawyers who are in the firm today. Particularly, Michelangelo Montefusco who has been initially his trainee and then partner for over thirty years.

Founded in the second half of the 70’s thanks to the initiative of Francesco Bortone, then partnered by Federico Squassi, the Firm has grown to respond to its clients’ needs in the specialised areas in which both professionals had mastered: Francesco Bortone, among the main contributors to the growth of Industrial and Commercial law in Milan, until his premature departure in 1989; Federico Squassi- his student and junior partner since the early 70’s, – deeply engaged, from the very early years of the promulgation of the Statuto dei Lavoratori in 1970, in the specialistic area of Labor law, Agency and distribution as well as in Competition and Industrial Law.

Over the years, the Firm has maintained its strong specialization in the Italian and EU Labour Law, without neglecting – indeed, cultivating it even more in the last decade – an equally significant focus to diversification, loyal to the values that have led its growth over time and supporting its clients as advisors in the civil and commercial field, in particular, with the aim of providing them with the outmost accurate assistance in a range of subjects so to cover their needs and challanges in a competitive and complex legal environment.

We support and assist an array of clients: medium and large italian enterprises as well as industry leading multinationals, operating in the most diverse areas of business, industry, and innovative markets.

Our legal team deals with both out-of-court and judicial assistance, in order to ensure full support to our clients’, with the ambition to be as close as possible to them in overcoming succesfully the challenges they face in their respective businesses.

A specific team is fully dedicated to legal debt collection and it provides our clients with a timely and cost efficient service, aimed at maximizing legal collections of all size of debts, including complex banckruptcy procedures and very small consumers’ exposures at the lower Courts, thanks to a consolidated industrialised legal process.

Through consolidated alliance with other law firms, whose professional approach, competence and values are in line with those of ours, we are able to ensure our clients effective assistance even in legal areas that are not directly our own, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and attention that we are proud to ensure to our clients.

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