The Firm was established in the mid-70s by Francesco Bortone and Federico Squassi: the first, has been among the main players in the forensic scene of Milan in the field of commercial and industrial law until his premature death, in 1990; the latter, his trainee since the beginning, then specialised in Labour Law and in the newly promulgated “Statute of Workers”, as well as in Agency and Distribution law in which he has acquired an important role in the legal profession, without neglecting the considerable experience accrued in intellectual property and competition law.

Over the years, the Firm has maintained its strong specialization in labor law, but has never waived – and, indeed, has grown more over the past decade – an equally significant engagement towards diversification, while remaining committed to the civil law, and particularly to commercial law, with the ambition to provide its clients, mainly Companies, assistance and advice on a full range of subjects as legal consultants in order to provide them with full coverage to their needs.

The Firm counts among its clients medium, large and multinational companies, operating in various branches of the economy: industry, trade, banking, and new economy.

Its partners and staff cover extrajudicial advisory as well as litigation, ensuring maximum continuity in their professional relationship with the Client, providing legal advise in line with the philosophy to preserve as much as possible a direct and personal relationship.

Through stable co-operations with other professionals whose competences support and complete those of its lawyers, the Firm is able to provide effective assistance to their Clients when dealing with subjects not covered through its expertise , ensuring the highest level of quality and delivery.

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